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We continue to work hard to provide you with all of the information you need to make an educated choice when it's time to renovate your home. We know, once you're educated, you'll turn to Clark Renovations to partner with you and ensure you get everything you want for exactly what you want to spend.

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Welcome to Clark Renovations!

Our customers said they wanted straight answers, honest pricing, and a simple design and selection process.  Done!

Over the past 40 years we've spent many hours listening to our customers and assisting them in identifying their wants and desires.  With their assistance we have developed a no-nonsense, hassle free way of getting straight answers and up front pricing.  We don't force you to travel all over town and spend hours on end making all of your selections prior to receiving a quotation.   Here is our pledge to you...

A REAL PERSON will answer the telephone when you call.

We'll invite you to our design center, so that you can SEE what we offer, and we can get a feel for what EXCITES you.

We'll schedule an appointment to visit with you in your home, to take our measurements, and develop a preliminary design....TOGETHER.

Within one week, we'll invite you back to our showroom to review our design and present our proposal which will include the following: an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE, a DETAILED CONTRACT, and a payment schedule based on REAL PROGRESS.

We WILL NOT PRESSURE YOU to "sign today".  WE'LL FOLLOW UP with you at one week, two months, and six months, just to make certain you don't have unanswered questons.  We want you to TAKE YOUR TIME, collect additional quotations if desired, and wait until you are comfortable prior to moving forward.

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