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Very Few Remodelers Can Credibly Claim To ALWAYS Deliver Elite Results, We Can...


We’re The Premium Remodeler Because:


  • Our Process Is Better…

  • We Have 4+ Decades Of Experience…

  • We NEVER Cut Corners!


We do many types of remodels, including amazing kitchens and bathrooms renovations. Whatever type of remodel you are considering, there is a consistency to our processes that guarantees you an outstanding result. Our methods have been honed to perfection because we have been in business since 1970 – you could say we’ve had time to figure out exactly what works best and why.  Here is what you can expect from us – step-by-step:

Step #1: Needs Analysis – Part I – Showroom Visit

Our clean, bright 3,000 square foot showroom is the place to discover product ideas, talk with us about your dreams for your home, and see remodels completely set-up and installed. The atmosphere is relaxed and professional. We never apply sales pressure – you need to be comfortable that we are the right fit for you.  To get even more accurate visualizations, we also have state-of-the art tools that can simulate remodels with computer generated technology.

Step #2: Needs Analysis Part II – On Site Consultation

The next step is to come to your home. We document the space we will be working on with photos and measure everything out. We dig deeper into your project and give you product options that match your ideas. This is the part where we nail down every detail, get all your remaining questions answered, and leave no loose ends. Our philosophy is Thoughtful Detailed Planning = Great Results Every Time.

Step #3: Comprehensive Quote – IN WRITING

Some remodelers choose to deliver their quotes on 1 or 2 sheets of paper – even for large projects! With us, your quote will not just be a price and a vague description. It will be a total map for your project - very comprehensive and detailed.

That way you’ll know with certainty that:

  • The design is exactly what you want.

  • The scope is agreed to upon in advance.

  • The price we give you is firm – there won’t be any surprises on the final invoice.

You’ll notice that all of our steps have a pattern: the approach is detailed, comprehensive and transparent. This consistency is why we confidently claim that superb results are inevitable.

Step #4: Installation – We Minimize Impact and Maximize Results

Our crews are very experienced and they work for us – they are not sub-contractors. They are polite, clean-up the job site each day, and our respectful of you and your property.  Even more crucial is their level of experience. Our crew supervisors have been in our industry for more than a decade and even regular crew members have been with us for years.  They all know and love the culture we have built at Clark Renovations. Every detail matters and shortcuts are NEVER acceptable. Take a look at the pictures of our finished work – the “WOW” results are a direct reflection of our work ethic and experience.

Step #5: Final Walk Through For Complete Satisfaction

The final walk through is a very happy time. Your project is done and all the time, effort, and expense has become a beautiful, livable space that makes you smile every time you see it. At the end of your project, we will walk through together to make sure not a single detail has been missed and that you are thoroughly satisfied with your remodel. 

Of course, if anything is even a hint below are elite standards, it will be corrected quickly and without excuse. That’s the kind of company we are.

Click To Our Showroom Page for More Information About Visiting Us.

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