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         The Secret To Sticking

        Around For Decades?


         Do Everything

       The RIGHT WAY.



In An Industry That Sees Businesses Come And Go Constantly,  We’ve Been Around Since 1970.


A Message From President Steve Clark:

It’s no secret that most remodeling and home improvement businesses end up failing. The majority fail within 3 years or less, and very few see their 10th anniversary. Since we’ve been around for 49+ years, it got us to thinking what has made the difference.  When you get right down to it, the secret to our success is actually pretty simple: we are completely dedicated to doing right by the homeowners that hire us. We really do want to deliver the very best remodeling experience and very best results. This is not some formula we just stumbled upon – it has been in our DNA since the very beginning.

Our journey began when Ron Clark – my dad – became a full partner in a local remodeling firm. You could say it started small – there was one full time and one part time carpenter! With Ron's natural carpentry skills (which he inherited from his grandfather) and a dedication to delivering the very best results for homeowners, the business grew rapidly. Sales records were set and the business expanded to 18 employees.

In 1991 that joint venture dissolved to enable Ron and his expanding family to form Clark Renovations Inc.

Family, Family, Family

Family is a big part of who we have been… and who we still are. Beginning with original firm in 1973 as a carpenter, Chris Clark (Ron's brother) has worn many hats – carpenter, crew leader, foreman, and now sales manager & CAD expert.  Sue Clark continues in her role as office manager, but has pared back to three days per week to enjoy life more fully.

I returned in 2010 after a 19 year hiatus to take over as president.   I've had cousins, nieces, nephews, brother's in law, and a sister involved in the business over the years.  My son cleans our offices and my daughter works out in the field with the carpenters after her high school duties have been fulfilled.  Our deep family roots always remind us that we are a family serving other area families. To us, the homeowners we serve are not dollar signs – you are part of a lifetime relationship built on a rock-solid foundation of trust and work done with integrity.

Our Promises

You have the right to expect…

  • No Sales Pressure At Any Point In The Process

  • A Beautiful Design That Matches Your Desires

  • Friendly, Professional Installers Who Respect You And Your Home

  • The Best of the Best’ Products Will Be Recommended

  • Top Quality Installation With No Shortcuts

These aren’t ‘paper promises.’ In fact, delivering on our promises is exactly how we have stayed in business for 44+ years and counting. If you are ready to get started, please visit our Showroom.

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