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What If You Had An Exceptional Home Improvement Company At Your Service... Ready To Deliver Great Results On Your Home Improvement Projects?


Welcome To Specialized Client Services by Clark Renovations.


A Message From Steve Clark, President of Clark Renovations:

For years, we noticed a pattern with our customers. We would deliver a top quality remodeling project for a homeowner and soon after we would hear from them again. They would be requesting we complete another home improvement project for them, but many times the request fell outside our typical menu of services.  It left us with a dilemma. On the one hand, we know that homeowners often struggle to find quality home improvement companies they can trust – we did not want to leave them on their own. These are our loyal customers, after all.  But on the other hand, we did not want to expand into every area of home improvement for the general public. The last thing we wanted to do was to spread ourselves so thin that we might lose our quality edge.

We are pleased to say we hit upon the PERFECT SOLUTION. One that allows us to maintain our great relationship with our customers but also not expand so much that we sacrifice who we are.


Here is our promise to you: once you select us for one project, we remain available to you for other home improvement projects, even on services we do not offer to the general public. This is our exclusive ‘Specialized Client Services.’

Here’s how it works. Once you have completed a project with us, you will be enrolled in our client services program.

While we can’t promise we can do absolutely every project related to a home, we can do many projects big and small. We also have a list of trusted partners who can help when we can’t. This means you will always have one trusted source of contact for all your home improvement needs.

Remember, these services are available ONLY to our past customers. We’re proud of the number of homeowners that come back to us again and again – during our 49+ years in business we have earned lots and lots of lifetime customers.  Have a "honey do list", give us a call and we'll knock it out for you in record time!

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