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What You Need To Know

About Our Installation Standards


It’s easy to claim to have high installation standards. But how can a homeowner really know that a company will deliver on their promises?

There are actually concrete, specific things you can look for that will “tell the tale” about a contractor.

Here is our proof that we hold ourselves to the highest installation standards: 

Proof #1: In Business Since 1970.  

That we’ve been around for 49+ years says two important things. For one, it says we have had time to hone our installation processes and standards to a polished perfection. Nothing is left to chance, no detail is overlooked.

The other important point is that only a business who delivers on its promises can last for more than 4 decades. A company that does poor or mediocre installation can last for a little while, but eventually their reputation catches up with them. Our tons of thrilled customers are your assurance that we do the highest quality work.

Proof #2: Our Crews Are Our Employees.

Our crews are not subcontractors – they are our staff. This means that we have control over the schedule, standards, training, and on-site behavior of the installers who will be in your home. This can make a big difference over many remodelers who will sub-contract out your entire project.

Note: For certain limited aspects of remodels, we will use sub-contractors. We only use those who we have long-standing relationships with and know will do the job right the first time. And, of course, we review their work to make sure it always meets our stringent criteria. 

Proof #3 Our Crew Supervisors Have Been in the Industry For More Than A Decade.

Our crews are headed up by a supervisor that absolutely insists that every detail be right. Each of these supervisors has been in the industry for 10 or more years.  Most of our crew members have been with us for many years as well. We treat them better, we pay them better, and they reward us by staying and doing the very best quality work.

Proof #4 We Never Overschedule.

We are very careful about how we schedule projects. You might be wondering how scheduling could affect the quality of an installation.  Well, it’s a little secret in this industry:  many contractors will take whatever job they can get and then rush projects if needed, or even hire inexperienced, temporary labor to try and “catch-up.” It might be a great way to pad profits, but it also creates lousy results.  We stick to realistic scheduling. If we are fully booked, we do not “squeeze another job in.” Instead we tell the homeowner when our next opening is and let them decide if it works for them.  That’s how you maintain the very best quality.

Proof #5 Talk To Us and Judge For Yourself.

There is no substitute for reaching out and directly interacting with a company. If they are organized and on-time for consultations, that’s a good sign. If their initial contact is a friendly, pressure-free remodeling education and not a slick sales presentation, that also is a good sign.  We invite you to stop in our showroom. You will see for yourself that we are 100% professional and pay attention to the details that matter.  For information on visiting our Showroom, please click here.

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