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Clark Renovations – Western PA’s Distinctive Bathroom Remodeler:

  • WIDE Selection Of Best Quality Products

  • Gorgeous Designs That Impress

  • Our Installers Know Every Detail Matters


Don’t Settle…

Get The Bathroom You REALLY Want   


You can have a bathroom that looks stunning with the very best, most durable products. It will be designed to meet your desires, including all the little touches and decorative details that make a bathroom special.

In short, with Clark Renovations you NEVER have to compromise and end up with a mediocre result. Instead of “average,” you will have a bathroom that adds value to your home and is custom designed to meet the needs of your family and it will be clean, fresh, and elegant.

The Best Products + Terrific Selection = Exactly What YOU Want

When you are giving a bathroom a complete “make-over,” the fun part is picking out exact right products to suit your taste and style. We have the kind of selection that will allow you to get the perfect cabinet, the right kind of tile, an absolutely beautiful sink, and all the other products that go into making a bathroom gorgeous.

Design With A Real Difference

If you want “ho-hum” or unremarkable, we are probably not the right remodeler for you. We create distinctive designs that are functional without sacrificing any of the beauty. We’ve been remodeling since 1970, so there isn’t really anything we can’t do in design and execution.

Attention-To-Every-Detail’ Installation – ALWAYS.

You don’t stay in business for 49+ years without learning a few things about the best way to do things. What we have found is when you pay attention to the details, you get the very best results in bathroom remodeling.  This is why all our crews never take shortcuts and won’t tolerate sloppy workmanship. If during any part of the installation something falls short of our standards, we never “cover it over” or hope you don’t notice. No – we fix it immediately to make sure everything is to our incredibly high standards.  This total dedication to detail is why our crews are so proud of the work they do. It is why we pay them better, treat them better, and get the best craftsmanship in return.  If we sound like you kind of company, give us a call to get your proposal started.

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