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Introducing Beautiful, Energy Efficient, Last-A-Lifetime

 Replacement Windows

The Aeris Collection From ProVia


Superb windows lower energy bills and drastically reduce upkeep. And great windows enhance curb appeal and last a lifetime.  That is exactly the kind of windows we install – The Aeris Collection from ProVia. We are the only dealer in the Pittsburgh area authorized to offer them.  ProVia is one of the most respected manufacturers in the USA and they are very selective about what companies they will partner with. And in the Pittsburgh market, they have selected Clark Renovations.


When you think of vinyl windows, do you think of ordinary, “plastic looking” windows? It is true there are some cheap, inferior vinyl products out on the market, but the windows in the elegant Aeris Collection are the exact opposite of those cheap knock-offs.  Let’s start with how they look from the inside. These windows are available with REAL WOOD interiors including oak, cherry, and maple options. And, of course, they can also be painted to match the interior of your home.  From the outside, they look terrific. You’ll see a fresh, maintenance-free exterior. The cleanly welded corners and bright finishes enhances the overall appearance of your home.

Energy Efficient

These replacement windows will make your home more comfortable and will also save you money each month with lower energy bills.  It is estimated that on average, 70% of energy loss in a home leaves through your windows! For long-term savings and energy conservation, it is CRUCIAL that you select windows that meet high energy efficient standards.  Also, if you have been living with windows that are cold and drafty in the winter and let in too much heat transfer in the summer, the Aeris Collection windows are going to be a significant improvement in the comfort level of your home.  The most important factor in the energy efficiency of any window is the glass you select. Advances in technology over the last decade have been significant. The glass packages options offered by ProVia are of the highest quality.

Super Strong With A Warranty You Can Believe In

Do you know the two most important factors when it comes to the strength of a warranty?  One is that it be clear and IN WRITING. This allows you to see all the terms up front. Some warranties have so many loopholes and exclusions they are almost worthless.  The other key factor is: what company is standing behind the warranty?  Is it a “no-name” company without much of a track record? Is it a newer company that might not stay in business more than a few years?  This is why we love our partnership with ProVia. They are a rock-solid family company that has been around for 35+ years. Located in the heart of a large Amish community in Sugarcreek, Ohio, this is a company with strong values.  They have earned a reputation for over-the-top quality and always standing behind their products. The Aeris Collection windows come with a transferable LIFETIME warranty.  ProVia is exactly the kind of company that Clark Renovations proudly partners with because we know they will treat our customers right in the rare case of a warranty claim.

Window Consultation

If you are unsure of what window choice makes the most sense for your home, the best thing to do is call us. We’d be honored to give you a free, no-pressure consultation and quote.

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